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Tristan Mullen

Tristan Mullen

Student Ministry Worship Director

I am the Student Ministry Worship Director and one of the worship leaders here at theCross!

I am Hawaiian born but Florida raised with the longest middle name in the world; Kamakanamalumaikalani
I am a huge basketball fan and even help run the church's fall basketball team!
My heart and passion for youth and worship really came into fruition when I started the Intern Program here in 2018. God used it to not only revive my faith, but but grow it exponentially. Because of that I have devoted myself to doing the Lord's work, shining his light through my gifts and talents he has blessed me with.
I am fully and wholly on fire for the Savior and super excited to see what he does in this family of faith-filled big-thinking followers of Jesus Christ!!
I am super excited to help develop the youth and to be able to speak truth and lead the congregation through worship!