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Stacey Abbott

Stacey Abbott

Kids Minister

Stacey grew up in Dearborn Michigan the youngest of 8 kids. She claims that is where her competitive nature comes from!

In 1998, as a leader in the College Ministry Stacey met her husband Brian. Her and Brian married in 1999 and moved to Illinois where they helped lead a College Ministry. In 2003, they moved to Florida. Before attending theCross in November 2015 Stacey was involved at her last church with helping run the kids ministry, Youth Ministry, mentoring, and guest speaking.

Stacey and Brian have two awesome kids, Mackenzie and Nathan.

Stacey loves hanging out with Mackenzie and Nathan. Also her husband Brian, Bobo their dog and friends. She loves working out and kidding around ☺

Stacey works as a National Account Manager for a well know Air Conditioning Company. She has an undergraduate degree in Management.  

Stacey wants to help the kids develop their own relationship with Jesus, learn God’s Word, pray for themselves and others, and be Faith Filled Followers of Jesus Christ.  

Doing all of this while having fun, A LOT OF FUN!!!