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Apr 14, 2019

Week 9: Jesus and the Colt (APK Campus)

Week 9: Jesus and the Colt (APK Campus)

Passage: Mark 11:1-11

Speaker: Campus Pastor Mark Crossman

Series: The Gospel of Mark

Keywords: anticipation, palm sunday

The big day has finally arrived! It’s Palm Sunday and Jesus will be riding into Jerusalem. This is the closest thing we are going to get to a red carpet event in the Gospels. People will be lining the streets in great anticipation. Is Jesus going to be the new King of Israel? Is He going to defeat the Romans? Most important question of all….What is Jesus riding on? In this sermon we will discover what Jesus mode of transportation says about Him as our Savior!

Mark 11: 1-11, Zechariah 9:9-10, Daniel 9:25-26,Mark 11:2, Mark 10:35-45