You’ll be challenged. You’ll be inspired. And you’ll be proud. No matter what you do here, you’ll be part of something big.

theCross Internship Program


  • LAUNCH-Certified (complete all 4 weeks by Jan. 28th)
  • 8-10 Hours/Week including Monday nights from 6pm-8pm
  • Attend weekly teaching/group time (1 hour of teaching/1 hour of small group time)
  • Submit Resume and Fill out Application*
  • Submit a testimony (See Application*)
  • Worship One/Serve One on Sundays at theCross (you are a regular worshipper at theCross and you are serving at theCross in some capacity)

*Application at the bottom of this page

Important Dates

1st SEASON: February 5th- April 23rd: (12-13 weeks): Theology (interns are serving in some ministry capacity)

2nd SEASON: July 1st - August 11th (6 weeks): Spiritual Gifts/Personality (interns are serving in some ministry capacity)

3rd SEASON: Sep 16th - Dec 15th (12-13 weeks): Leadership and Ministry (interns are leading in some ministry capacity)

So...what are you waiting for?


theCross Internship Application



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Are you in school?*

Have you completed LAUNCH?*

Are you employed?*

Internship Track - 1st Choice*

Pick Your 1st Preference

Internship Track - 2nd Choice*

Pick Your 2nd Preference

Why do you want to be in theCross Internship Program? (500 word max)

*Share your Conversion Experience *What has God done for you? *What difference has God made in your life?