Calling All Parents of Middle School Students!

We are extremely excited to announce that you are officially invited to join theCross Mount Dora’s 2019-2020 confirmation class starting in SEPTEMBER - SUNDAY'S AT 9AM starting on 9/8/19!!!

Confirmation will cost $35 per student, which covers the entire year. Payment is due on 9/1/19 at the Parent Student Meeting. If you have any questions you can email our Student Ministry Director, Blake Wright at


FIRST CLASS: 9/8/19 @ 9AM

Confirmation is a very important part of any young Christians walk with God. It is a 1 year program where we will be learning all about what it really means to be a Christian in the context of our Lutheran denomination.

We will be looking at everything from Prayer to The Trinity to the Purpose of life. It’s not just about creating a doctrinal understanding but it is about creating an environment where our faith can become truly alive in our everyday actions and thoughts.

Confirmation is open to anybody in the 6th, 7th, & 8th grade. We will be meeting every Sunday morning from 9AM-10AM.

With confirmation every student will receive a study guide and Luther's Small Catechism. The cost for the entire year will be $35 per student. Payment is due at the first meeting on 9/1/19. If you can not make the payment for any reason then we will be happy to make a plan for you.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Blake Wright, Student Ministry Director

If you are interested in signing your young person up please feel free to register below! You will be contacted by Blake after you fill in the form!


If you would like to get more information on this please feel free to email me at   or click the EMAIL BLAKE box below!


Why Confirmation?

The purpose of youth confirmation is to:

  • Personally confess Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and take personal ownership in declaring, by the power of the Holy Spirit, their own allegiance to Christ;
  • Eagerly explore the awesomeness of God and the mysteries of faith;
  • Identify themselves as members, as a unique and special part of the body of Christ, as Lutheran and members of a local congregation.
  • Regularly participate in public worship and the reception of holy communion, engage in personal and group Bible study and its application to life, strive to lead God-pleasing lives and offer services to God by serving others;
  • Celebrate the relationships that they have with God as their personal God who loves them graciously, their pastor and other confirmation staff people, their peers participating in the confirmation process, their family and other members of their congregation.

The Acquisition of Skills

Our Lord commands obedience to his will by all of the faithful. The church in its catechesis of young people can teach basic skills of discipleship and spiritual discipline. These skills include the beginnings of competence in such areas as:

BIBLE STUDY: learning to read God's Word for understanding in a personal devotional life and in group study with other Christians;

PRAYER: learning to pray for the needs of others, for personal needs and for the mission of the church;

WORSHIP: learning how God blesses his people through the divine worship service and how they can express praise and thanks to the Lord through a variety of worship forms, including the historic liturgy of the church, learning to make profession of faith with fellow believers, to listen to the exposition of God's Word and to comprehend and apply it to daily living;

WITNESS: learning to express the Gospel of Christ in a winsome and meaningful way and to share what God in Christ has done for them;

SERVICE: learning to recognize the needs and hurts of those in the world around them and to be a part of helping, healing service;

COMMUNITY: learning to relate to other Christians as students, friends, caregivers and teachers;

FAMILY LIVING: learning to be a representative of Christ in the roles of youth, sibling and possible future spouse;

LEADERSHIP: learning to use their God-given gifts and abilities in a manner that strengthens the mission outreach of the church.