Guatemala Blog: DAY 2, 2019

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Que pasa mis muchachos!

Today is Monday, March 18th. Just to catch you all up on what happened yesterday, after attending church we prepared for the upcoming week. Which included counting and separating 15,000 vitamins, stocking medical and school supplies. We had a competition with a previous group, which they didn’t know about. Of course we won by separating the vitamins and stocking supplies in less than an hour. Go us! We ended the day with a night devotion where we learned and talked about John 12:26-36.

Que tal mi jente!

Today was an out of body spiritual experience. During our morning devotion one of our Guatemalan friends spoke about having best friends. He spoke about when you have a best friend your relationship should move to a level where there are no boundaries. Do you have that kind of relationship with Jesus?

After our devotion we split into groups and had house visitations with the Guatemalan community. House visitations were very difficult for many of us because it was our first time doing it. Although we were all very nervous we were all welcomed in their homes. After house visitations the Guatemalans didn’t feel like strangers anymore. If felt like they were our best friends.   

In many of the homes there were five to fifteen people living there. Even though there were many people living in their homes they still opened their doors to the missionaries. We talked and got to know each other while reading through several bible verses.

Their prayer requests were not for materialistic things. Their prayer request were for health and God’s will over their families. It was so beautiful to see people have such a passion for God. Continue to pray for us as we continue serving our Savior!

Buenas noches amigos!

 — theCross Guatemala Team!

Guatemala Blog: DAY 1, 2019

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Que tal mi gente!

Today is Saturday March 16th, we have just arrived in the beautiful country of Guatemala around 11pm Florida time. We are super excited to be here with all the help of everyone at home. First things first, Blake is still alive and well, our fearless leader has gained normal color and has rebuilt his strength.

We cannot just call Blake out. Let’s be real, most of us had somewhat of a panic attack. Our first plane took off late so by the time we landed in El Salvador we had 10 minutes! Yes, 10 minutes to get on our connecting flight. Picture 15 Americans running from one plane to another in a place where we stood out the most.

To make things a bit more difficult we had to go through yet another checkpoint. Finally we got on to our second flight and headed to our final (20 minute long) destination Guatemala City!

Our journey first started with all of us meeting at the church around 2:30pm to have an uplifting prayer before we left, thank you so much to Jacob Baumann and Dave Strem. We really appreciate you and all that you do. One of the things that stood out to many of us was a small piece of Dave’s prayer which he stated that we are adventurous and made fearless.

After the prayer we took off on an unknown adventure where we are answering the call to serve all of the nations. Here we are now, in the bellisima Ciudad De Guatemala ready to be used by the Lord!

Hasta manana Amigos!

 — theCross Guatemala Team!

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